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Alpine Journal 2016

New Zealand Alpine Journal 2016


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The annual New Zealand Alpine Journal is NZAC’s premiere publication; a record, source for research and a forum for reflection.

NZAJ 2016 contents

New Zealand Rock and Ice

Fastness :: The West Ridge of Mount Percy-Smith ::  Sinbad:: Oma Rapeti :: Thales :: Snow in the Spencer:: Hooked on the Hooker Range :: Tears of Papatuanuku :: Two Mountains in March :: One Longer Day

Overseas Climbing

Sans Nom :: Changi Tower and K6 :: The Second Ascent of Celeno Peak :: The West Ridge of Taulliraju ::  The East Rib of Taulliraju ::  Brady Icefield Expedition ::  South Georgia Island ::  Eiger North Face ::  Exploring Iceland’s Glaciers and Climate Change ::  Playing with Sticks ::  You Are Going to Siberia in Winter? ::  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, Oi, Eight!

The Vertical World

Bill (W R ) Sykes, Botanical Explorer, Western/Central Nepal 1952, 1954 ::  The History of the French Ridge Huts – a Clarification ::  Nailing Rubber ::  One Hundred Peaks

Area Reports

New Zealand Rock ::  New Zealand Alpine ::  New Zealanders Overseas


George Goodyear ::  Hilary Harrington ::  H. Dion Ombler ::  Ian Seddon ::  H. Tom Barcham ::  Kevin Pain ::  Ray Slater ::  Brian Cox ::  Calum Hudson ::  Stuart Hollaway ::  Howie McGhie ::  Stefan Sporli ::  Dale Thistlethwaite ::  Simon Bell

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