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New Zealand Alpine Journal 2018


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The annual New Zealand Alpine Journal is NZAC’s premiere publication; a record, source for research and a forum for reflection.

NZAJ 2018 contents

New Zealand Rock and Ice

The Great Unclimbed :: Karetai :: The Ministry of Silly Walks :: Remembrance :: Winter Missioning in the Darrans :: Everlasting Light :: Tasman Distress :: Desire :: Waiatoto Pastoral :: The Path to Elysium :: The Siren’s Call :: The Promise

Overseas Climbing

The Spectre Antarctic Kite Expedition :: South West Pillar on Lobuje East and Cholatse North Face :: Brammah Glacier :: South Qinghai :: Greenland :: Climbing America’s ‘Purple Mountain Majesties…From Sea to Shining Sea’ :: Seeking Balance In Finding Adventure :: Jotunheimen :: The Hamburger

The Vertical World

Khumbu :: Linda, Sheila, Caroline and the Rest :: The Dwindling of the Murchison Glacier :: The Elusive Why

Area Reports

North Island Rock :: South Island Rock :: New Zealand Alpine

Obituaries (with additional ‘In Memorium’ as listed in the Journal)

Peter McCormack :: Elizabeth Hawley :: Janet Rutherford Holm :: Rex Vickers :: Les Brough :: Ashley Cunningham :: Mike Nelson :: Jean Nelson :: Gordon Hasell :: David Elphick :: Alexander Parton :: John Stevenson :: Wolfgang Maier :: Steve Turner :: Martin Hess :: Claleb Jennings

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