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Monte Rosa Hut

Reciprocal Overseas Hut Stickers 2020


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European Alps and Pyrenees: The German(DAV), French (CAF), Italian (CAI), Austrian (OAeV) and Swiss (SAC) Alpine Clubs and the Spanish Mountaineering Federation (FEDME) have a reciprocity agreement amongst themselves.

This can be extended to other clubs and NZAC members are now able to purchase an annual hut ticket for NZ$95 that will give them member rates in huts managed by the above clubs.

Stickers are valid for the calendar year in which they are issued and may be purchased here only by active NZAC members for placement on their membership card.

View information about all NZAC reciprocal arrangements with other clubs here.

Note: if you have just joined you may not be able to add this product to your cart until after your membership has been processed.

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