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Guidelines on communicating with members and the wider public


Each section communicates with it’s members in different ways. We want to make it as easy as possible for members and the public to get the info they need, as as easy as possible for you to share that information.

Section Meetings

No communication is so important as face to face. Regular section meetings have always been the cornerstone of the local climbing communities.


Some sections put together regular newsletters which are distributed to their membership via email from head office. These are often one of the primary methods for promoting courses, trips and events.


A few sections have put a lot of effort into creating dedicated websites, others have preferred to use the section pages as their base. This is a choice for the section committee to make.

Social Media

Many sections maintain Facebook or Twitter accounts which they use to complement their other communication channels. The NZAC also has a 4,000+ member Facebook group.

Features of the new site

For the first time all club news, courses, trips and events are bought together in one place. You can notify us of upcoming section courses, trips & events by email or, if you prefer, we can copy them from the section newsletters when you send them in.

News stories, for instance trip reports, can be added directly by you. All you need is the section editor login details (sent to the section chair). The video above will show you the rest.

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