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Camps and Meets

The club and it’s sections often organise camps or meets where climbers get together and organise their own objectives. It is important that the organisers clearly differentiate between a meet and a club trip, and take steps to ensure the safety of the participants while at the meet.

This safety management is organised on a case-by-case basis, sections organising a camp or meet should contact the NZAC Programme Coordinator. This will also allow for NZAC head office to keep a record of club activities and collect important data which can be used for funding applications etc.

We strongly recommend that the NZAC Trip Resources found here are used for the organisation of your meet or camp. The NZAC Trip Worksheet details all the info you need to organise a great trip. This easy to use worksheet was developed by members. 

We encourage the below safety management steps are please taken when organising your camp or meet:

  • Provide general information or a schedule (when/where/cost/essential gear etc) for the camp or meet and have a list of suggested options for activities or suggest a guidebook that participants can refer to.
  • Please inform participants of what is expected of them, for example: “Please attend the meet with specific objectives in mind and feel free to make plans, that are within your ability, with others that are attending the meet. There will be no formal instruction at this meet. Please note that club members are not available to act as a guide. You must be able to make independent decisions. This Meet is not for absolute beginners, unless you have an experienced person with you that is willing to assist you.” (edit to suit your meet/camp)
  • Details (name, emergency contact etc) of meet participants are collected and the details are accessible during the meet. This can be collected via email, word document registration form or a google form. There is a google form template that can be utilised as a registration form if you wish, linked here. (PLEASE MAKE A COPY BEFORE EDITING THE TEMPLATE LINK. To make a copy click the 3 dots in the right-hand corner and click “Make a copy”. For more information on how to use Google forms click here. If any assistance is required contact the NZAC Programme Coordinator).
  • On the day, have a camp/meet briefing informing every one of the emergency plan, the weather forecast and the possible sensible objectives based on the forecast.
  • Have a master “intentions form” to be filled in when people leave the base or camp to do an activity and have a trusted contact review the intentions form on a regular basis and implement emergency procedures if required.
  • Plan the emergency management procedures and have a copy available at the camp/meet – NZAC’s general emergency management procedure document is linked here which can be used/adjusted to suit your meet or camp.
  • Have planned field communications and a first aid kit available in case of an emergency. If there is cell phone service this is suitable for field communications.
  • Post meet contact the NZAC Programme Coordinator to provide an update on how it went, numbers that attended and inform if there were any incidents or accidents to encourage NZAC continuous improvement.

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