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NZAC Trips

The New Zealand Alpine Club has a long history of helping people to learn the skills they need to climb safely through instruction courses. If you have been on a course, or have the right skills already, a section trip is a great way to practice and embed those skills on an objective-based adventure.

The trips are co-ordinated by one of the regional NZAC sections and led by an experienced climber or climbers. They are not technical instruction courses, although they are a great way to learn how to approach climbing objectives safely and effectively. Also, importantly, they are not guided. The trip leaders are not professional guides; they are volunteering to help you learn how to take responsibility for your own safety.

Most section trips involve moderate to intermediate mountaineering objectives, but can also be focused on rock climbing or more serious summits if the skill level of the participants and course leader is appropriate.

If you would like to take part in a NZAC trip please look at your section newsletter for advertised trips or click the link above to see the current planned section trips.

If you think you are up to running a NZAC trip (or a personal private trip) please utilise the NZAC Trip Worksheet document below.


Who’s involved

Section Trip Coordinator
This position is appointed by the local section committee. The Trip coordinators role is to help the trip leader by acting as a sounding board, where possible, to make sure the trip is appropriate, ensure the trip leader has covered all the important decisions, to assist with the promotion of the trip to section members and to assist with the screening of trip participants. To see who your section trip coordinator is view your regions section page here. If your section does not have a Trip Coordinator please contact the Section Chairperson.

Trip Leader
This is a proficient climber who wants to help those with less experience achieve climbing goals. Their role includes:

  • Trip logistical organisation
  • Creating trip information including gear and clothing lists
  • Delegating roles and responsibilities
  • Assisting the vetting of trip applicants
  • Co-ordinating the trip safety planning with the input of all participants
  • Ensuring intentions are left
  • Leading the trip at the location
  • Taking a leadership role in the event of an incident or emergency

Trip Mentors

If participants on a trip are at a level where they will require some form of support or advice the Trip Leader will assist to organise suitably experienced people on the trip to act as mentors . Mentors are member who are willing to look out for those requiring support. The mentors will be comfortable with the numbers and level of support required of them. If no mentors are available for the trip, only participants who the trip leader, and the individual, are confident that the objectives of this trip are well within their experience & abilities, and aren’t looking for direction or advice will be able to attend the trip.


Everyone on the trip is a participant, and is responsible for their own and other’s safety. There is an expectation that all participants will engage with the safety planning process.



For a number of reasons relating to the environment and activities, section trips are considered high-risk activities. Going on a trip with those with more experience than you can be a great way to learn how to identify, understand and deal with these risks.

The trip leader has access to NZAC trip planning resources to help facilitate the process of safety management to ensure trips are run as safely as possible and, in the case of an incident or emergency, ensure the right steps are taken. This helps all the participants to be able to:

  • Better understand what the risks are
  • Make a decision whether or not the trip is suitable for them
  • Give their consent if they believe it is suitable for them
  • Help identify and deal with the risks involved
  • Know what to do if something goes wrong


Field Communications

The NZAC requires that on section trips the group is able to call for help if it is needed. Each group must have field communications that allow this to be achieved.


Trip Planning Documents:


NZAC Trip Worksheet
The trip planning resource detailing all the info you need to organise a great trip.


Online Section Trip Application Form
A template Trip Application google form, for you to copy and edit to for your section trip. PLEASE MAKE A COPY BEFORE EDITING THE TEMPLATE LINK. To make a copy click the 3 dots in the right hand corner and click “Make a copy”. For more information on how to use Google forms click here. For any queries or if you prefer to use a word version application form please contact the Programme Coordinator at the NZAC Head Office to request this.


NZAC Emergency Management Procedures
Every trip leader and assistant should carry a copy of this with them. Adjust to suit the trip location and to add section contacts. Or use page 12 of the NZAC Trip Worksheet above.


Section Trip Safety Plan – Australia
Section trip safety plan for Australia Section trips.


If you have any queries feel free to contact the NZAC Programme Coordinator, details at the bottom of the page. 

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