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NZAC Trips

The New Zealand Alpine Club has a long history of helping people to learn the skills they need to climb safely through instruction courses. If you have been on a course, or have the right skills already, a section trip is a great way to practice and embed those skills on an objective-based adventure.

The trips are co-ordinated by one of the regional NZAC sections and led by an experienced climber or climbers. They are not technical instruction courses, although they are a great way to learn how to approach climbing objectives safely and effectively. Also, importantly, they are not guided. The trip leaders are not professional guides; they are volunteering to help you learn how to take responsibility for your own safety.

Most section trips involve moderate to intermediate mountaineering objectives, but can also be focused on rock climbing or more serious summits if the skill level of the participants and course leader is appropriate.

If you would like to take part in an NZAC trip please look at your section newsletter for advertised trips. Newsletters can be found at the bottom of your Section Page (see button above)

If you think you are up to running a NZAC trip (or a personal private trip) please utilise the Key Documents below.


Key Trip Planning Documents:


NZAC Trip Planning Workbook Guide
this document is to help people through the process.


NZAC Trip Planning Workbook Template
a template in Google Docs, which has all the Trip Planning and thoughts on paper. This has all the key sections that should be considered when planning a trip and the details should be customized for each trip. The key elements will be the same for any trip.


NZAC Trip Application Form Template
a template form in Google Forms. This is used to collect all the data from intending participants. A small amount of this data will be copied and pasted back into the Trip Planning Workbook, to keep all the information together. For more information on how to use Google forms click here.


Section Trip Safety Plan – Australia
Section trip safety plan for Australia Section trips.


If you have any queries feel free to contact the NZAC Programme Coordinator, details at the bottom of the page. 

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