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Review of activity planning and safety within the Australia Section

Over the past few months, members of the Australia Section Committee, led by the Section’s Events Coordinator Mike Pryjma and Secretary Brent McNiel, have been reviewing the Club’s activity safety documentation, with the intention of creating a specialised version that ensures that

  • appropriate attention is paid to the planning, risk identification and management of events (i.e. social activities, trips, expeditions etc.) facilitated by the Section
  • the Section and consequently, the Club satisfies both Australian and New Zealand’s legal obligation with regard to liability and indemnity, and in so doing, positions Section Members to propose, plan and execute events in such a way that limits the liability of individuals, the Section and the Club.

I am pleased to say that a first draft of a specialised Activity Safety Plan has been produced and is currently being reviewed by the Section Committee.  By the end of March 2016, it is hoped that a final version of this document will have been approved by the Section Committee and having received this approval, be submitted to the Climbing and Instruction Sub-Committee of the Club Committee for their consideration at May’s Club Committee Meeting.  Beyond being ratified by the Section Committee, the approved version of this document will be tested within both an Australian and New Zealand context against carefully-selected test cases and, where necessary, further refined prior to submission to the Climbing and Instruction Sub-Committee.  The first of these test cases will be a trip organised and led by Mike himself that will attempt all points of elevation on mainland Australia above 2100 meters across the weekend of 8th-10th April 2016.  For those that may be interested in joining Mike on this trip, details of the Event are available here.  Alternately, please feel free to contact Mike via the ‘NZAC – Australia Section’ Facebook Group or at[at]

Posted: 09/03/16

Posted By: Australia Editor