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Rock Climbing Access Update – March 2018

NZAC and NZRA representatives met with Worksafe in Wellington to try and resolve issues for climbers arising from the HSAW Act. Worksafe is now reviewing the way they communicate about the HSAW act and the impact that may have on recreational users. NZAC hopes that a guidance note or other clarification can be issued to prevent unnecessary closures such as the AGS wall.

AGS/Quarry – climbing not permitted
NZAC Auckland section continues to progress negotiations with AGS. We will hopefully have a more substantive update shortly, but we are definitely working hard on this issue.

Mauao – climbing still permitted
NZAC and FMC are supporting BOP Sport Climbing Club, who are actively engaging with the council regarding access.

Whanganui Bag – climbing permitted at Whekenui cliff only
1. After some negotiations, NZAC made formal access proposal to Trust board that managed Whanganui Bay.
2. The proposal was presented by NZAC President to Trust Board meeting in January 2018
3. Proposal due to be voted on at Ngāti Te Maunga hui in near future

Tamatea – climbing not permitted temporarily
Crag temporarily closed as NZAC Canterbury Westland section negotiate with the landowners about updating some of the conditions of access around this crag.

Transmitter – climbing not permitted
NZAC Canterbury Westland will be meeting with the Christchurch Adventure Park shortly to reopen access negotiations around this crag.

Posted: 11/03/18

Posted By: Margaret McMahon