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Rock Introduction Course

As part of a AGM resolution, the CNI section will be having more emphasis on rock climbing including courses and trips. December we had the Mount Maunganui trip. January we held our first Rock Introduction course. The instructor selected was the very capable and organized Stephen Burrows. He was joined by Stephen Shaw, Mike Greer, and Mark Smith.

It was held at Castlerock Adventures at Wharepapa South local crag. Four attendees had good fun despite the blazing heat on this summer weekend. For our FB photo album, click here.

Skills learned included:

  • climbing techniques
  • equipment
  • knots
  • belaying
  • rope management
  • safety
  • crag access
  • rock etiquette
  • terminology

Lead climbing was covered as a future topic and specifically as seconding. Instructors ran up a rope and had students clean it as seconds in a real world scenario they’re were likely to encounter.

It was a pretty hot weekend so we absconded up to the second tier. It was shady and the height afforded us a slight breeze which was gratefully accepted.

Posted: 09/02/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland