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Ruapehu Hut – History

Ruapehu Hut Management

History Timeline


Feb: Work-party carried out a repair of broken guttering from heaving snow/ice over winter 2018. They repainted the hut, but advised the cladding is in need of replacement. Roof flashings were bent over to lessen gaps. The Outer door handle was given a high-tensile cotter pin to fix it. Further insulation was added to the water pump. One new and one serviced fire extinguishers and general supplies were taken up. Over 30kg of rubbish was taken away and the whole hut cleaned with all unwanted chemicals and large items removed. The area surrounding the hut was checked and cleared of any rubbish out to the 15m requirement. Extra shelving was made for the loft. The dehumidifiers were given water extraction hoses to drain through the floor due to the speed they were filling. A trap door was created under the power board in the gear storage area to give access under the floor in winter when the outside door freezes up.

Feb: Holding tanks serviced by helicopter and plumber.


Jun/Jly: Two new FireHawk FHB10 photoelectric smoke detectors being installed June 2018 (10yr battery life). Unknown what happened to the earlier detectors (2012)?
Mch: Holding tanks serviced


Dec: Broken holding tank pump removed for repair (30kg)
– Holding tanks serviced
– water pump meter fixed
Apl: Two new 8-litre dehumidifiers and 2 new 1.5kw column heaters taken to hut.
– Wells Electrical for The Lines Co. installed a new Smart power meter.
– Mark Tootill Electrician: installed an internal upgraded switchboard. He also purchased replacement heaters (2) and dehumidifiers (2).
– Funding via the ‘Community Conservation Partnership Fund’ was granted in 2014 to replace the water tank liner. The liner was replaced over the 11-12 Feb and ice-fall covers were installed on the outside of the hut by a work party organised by Michael Pavitt. Everything was cleaned on the inside and a few other smaller tasks were taken care of.


Sep: Insulation and heat tracing of pipework completed. Drying room dehumidifer burnt out and plug cut off. (Later two heaters and the remaining dehumidifier also failed and were removed over summer).
Aug: New hut sign attached as last one was vandalised and lost. One burnt out and one non-functioning dehumidifier removed. New fire-extinguisher and serviced replacement fire extinguishers replaced in hut. Water tank replacement liner taken up to hut for storage until summer work party can install it.
Apl: Hut repainted thanks to CCPF grant via FMC
Mch: Septic tank pumps repaired and reinstalled, tanks serviced

Michael Pavitt's volunteer painting group April 2016

Michael Pavitt’s volunteer painting group April 2016


Feb: holding tank one serviced and the old 4000L septic tank (6m north of hut) was also emptied. The latter is being retained for grey water use.
Jan: two fire extinguishers serviced and one more kept back by Michael to service late 2015 and use as swap for two at hut.


– Funding via the ‘Community Conservation Partnership Fund’ has been applied for to replace the water tank liner and to paint the hut. (granted)
August – helicopter pump out of waste holding tanks complete and hut reopened
April – waste holding tanks full and water tank leaking, so hut closed


– Hut closed from 31 January for septic tank replacement. Reopened 1 June 2013.
Changed to Eco cleaning products this season.


– To do:
– water tank leak to repair, plus pipes need checking re pump losing pressure
– exterior requires recladding and new double-glazing, loft area needs clearing out
– bagged rubbish requires removal from site
– purchase of 4 new Photoelectric smoke alarms and annual fire extinguisher check in progress
Completed work Oct:
– soil excavated in preparation for new septic tank replacement 2013
– 2x bait stations installed
– loose toilets glued down
– water pump serviced and new instructions supplied
– new contactor installed, heaters, thermostats and timers tested and confirmed working
– rubbish removed from under hut and bagged for removal later
Sep – 4-burner cooker replaced with 2 burner, new 2-slice toaster

2011 – on-site septic system replacement planned for summer end of year (deferred to 2012/13)
2008 – Painting outside completed, some interior painting, small extension made to kitchen bench.
2007 – Exterior painting in progress, new kitchen waiting to be installed
2006 – 2005 – Plan for new kitchen mooted by Suresh
2004 – New roof completed, $15,000. Greenwrap roofing underlay was used and in subsequent years was found to not be a suitable product for the hut given the conditions that arise at that altitude. It was not the product specified in the quote, but ongoing correspondence with the company involved (Amalgamated Roofing) to remedy the problem, has proved unsuccesful.
2003 – Hut running out of water on a regular basis.
2000 – Roof painted. Installation of under bench hot water system. Matt Newby hut officer.
1999 – Old building materials and rubblish removed from hut. New cook tops installed.
1998 – Cell phone installed for better hut fee collection. Painting of South and North walls of the hut.
1997 – New water pump installed by Andrew Childs.
1996 – New flush toilets installed into underfloor heated concrete. Hut scraped, sanded, primed and repainted. Old chimmney removed with repairs to roof. Replacement of north facing foyer window.
1992 – Electricity connection to the hut completed. Septic tank cleaned out. Hut walls painted. M H Waterhouse hut officer.
1990 – Option for electrification turned down.
1987 – Leaks from chimney and hot water cylinder.
1986 – Chimney leaking badly. Possum and rat problems reported.
1984 – New south window fitted. New stove flue. Double  glazed windows cleaned and re vanished.
1983 – Three sacks of coal and onr of firewood transported to hut.
1982 – Hut exterior and windows painted.
1981 – Leaks from chimney and hot water cylinder.
1980 – Gas cooking in use at the hut. leak from chimney fixed. Kerosine used for lighting.
1971 – New hut built and opened.
1970 – Final plans for new Ruapehu hut completed
1969 – First replacement plans drawn up for a new hut higher on the ridge by AO Parton, CB Duncan and LM Wood.
1957 – Permit on file for the lease of existing hut site.
1951 – Ruapehu Hut officially opened Easter Saturday by A P Harper, co-founder of the NZAC, during an informal ceremony attended by 75 persons.
1950 – Construction of the Ruapehu Hut by members of the Auckland Section completed.

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