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Ruapehu Hut – Management

Ruapehu Hut History


Hut management is coordinated through the National Office. Please contact Margaret if you discover any maintenance issues, not listed below, that require attention. Work parties are usually carried out by members of the Auckland and Central North Island Sections

The NZAC request that eco-friendly products are used (where possible) for work party tasks and when re-stocking cleaning supplies for day-to-day use.

Work-party tasks


Electrical – Mark Tootill

  • New heaters and dehumidifiers require an installation of sockets lower down the wall and on both sides of the drying room due to short cords and to allow them to be moved.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Snowrail screws to be checked for rust after snow-melt and replaced as required (summer 2019-2020)
  • Exterior cladding is in urgent need of replacement.
  • The window frames are in bad shape, with repairs and painting required.
  • Levelling system required for holding tanks.
  • External pump-out outlet needs to be installed for the holding tanks
  • The drying room door spring is broken and requires a new unit.
  • Soft-top cover to be sourced and used to cover the water tank.

Operational and Supplies

  • Pre-winter 2020 check of general supplies required – toilet paper especially
  • Bayonet Eco light bulbs required.
  • Check smoke detectors are working. Should be 10yr battery models.
  • images and info required
    – of the meter reading. Images are forwarded on to King Country Energy so that read (rather than the usual estimate) invoices can be generated. Three readings required as follows: 1/24 – xxxx ; 2/Dy – xxxx ; 3/Nt – xxxx



The next work party for Ruapehu Hut tba
Please contact the organisers if you are interested in helping out: Michael Richardson

Future Upgrade Work

  • Exterior cladding and roof lining to be considered for future replacement (noted in 2006, hut repainted in 2016 and 2019)

Note that full supplier details can be obtained through the National Office, e.g. customer and/or order numbers. Major expenditure items require pre-approval via CCM/National Office. Work-party reimbursement requests should be accompanied by GST receipts and payment details. Similarly, supplier GST invoices should be forwarded to the office when they are not going to be paid by the Section directly.

Compliance and Safety Requirements

  • Fire Extinguishers serviced annually by: Wormalds, Rotorua:
    1x 2kg Co2 and 1x 2.5kg ABE powder (1 new, 1 serviced 2019 other 2 will be swapped and serviced annually) and 1x 2.5kg ABE powder (new 2016). Two fire blankets also (1.2 x 1.8). Note: extinguishers replaced every 5th year so 2 are due for replacement 2018 and one in 2021.
  • Smoke detectors x 5: above bunks, drying room, foyer, gear room (annual work party to replace batteries and ensure these are working). Batteries checked Feb 2019.
  • Two new FireHawk FHB10 photoelectric smoke detectors being installed June/July 2018 (10yr battery life).


Waste System

General Rubbish
Hut users are asked to remove all rubbish and unused food when they leave the hut. Please ensure the hut is left clean and tidy for others. We have a 15m zone around the hut that is also to be kept clean of rubbish, so hut users are asked to remove any they may see in the immediate area outside too.

Sewage System

There are 2 x holding tanks located directly under the toilet units. Total capacity 2.24m3, or roughly 4480 litres. These are required to be emptied annually. February 2019 tanks serviced by Helicopter Services BOP Ltd, Taupo utilising their standard waste company provider, Almo’s Plumbing. HeliServ does all the grease traps on all the clubs and cafes on the mountain over two days March/April with costs spread over 40, or so clubs to save on costs. TPP Contracting, Russell Le Quesne looks after this arrangement.

One small hand washing basin in the foyer and one kitchen sink in the main room are still connected to the original septic tank. This is sited to the north (downhill) of the hut. This tank will also need to be inspected regularly to check levels and was last serviced February 2015. It is expected to last 5-10yrs before requiring further servicing – so 2020 next.

Water System

A concrete water storage tank is fed from the East Gutter and RCD (a heated trace wire that should always be kept switched on), via snowmelt and rain. Hut users are required to activate the water pump to pump this water up into the hut for use. Pump replaced Nov 2016, Ecojet 1000 and a new water tank liner was installed in February 2017. Pump pressure should read in the 280-380 kPa range. If higher please advise National Office. Two 20-litre cubes are kept inside the hut for extra water storage. The ones found under the hut are not to be used as are kept for other use and not sanitary.

Water Pump Priming Instructions PDF

Rates and Fees

  • DOC  management fee July to June annual payment
  • DOC invoiced Horizons District Council rates recovery part-share annual payment
  • DOC invoiced Ruapehu District Council rates recovery annual payment
  • DOC Community Services levies paid quarterly (Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mch, Apl-Jun)
  • Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association annual subscription




Electrician: Tootill Electrical, Palmerston North


Plumbing: Laser Plumbing, Taupo

Power: Electricity

  • Invoiced monthly by Trustpower via estimate. Periodically hut users are asked to take an image of the meter reading to obtain a ‘read’ catch-up invoicing of the power.
  • The Lines Company invoice us separately for the upkeep of the local power network.



Dryer: Two 8-litre dehumidifiers purchased March 2017.

Fridge: none

Heating: Ceiling-mounted panels. Two 1.5kw column heaters purchased March 2017 also.

Insulation: fibreglass in the ceiling and walls


Stove: counter-top 1 two-burner, plus 2 cookers with 1 working burner each (2012)

Tea boilers: x 2 NOTE: don’t get ordinary jugs as cut-offs fail, possibly due to altitude and they have proved unsuccessful.
(1) Urn 20L purchase date unknown ($408)
(2) Urn 10L Birko stainless steel Aug 2017 ($402.62)

Toaster: two-slice (2012)


Bunk mattresses:


Seats and tables:


Access: locked hut, bookings through National Office essential. Prepayment of hut fees and the entry keypad code is then provided.

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