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    A memoir of mountaineering in New Zealand and the Himalayas.

    Climbing entered the world stage in the 1950s: this was the era that produced not only Sir Edmund Hillary but a strong body of world-class New Zealand climbers. In this important and dramatic book Brian Wilkins, who was part of the adventure, shares his experiences of climbing in the Southern Alps and the Himalayas.

    Published: 1st edition, Dec 2013 
    Author: Brian Wilkins 

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    Along with its matching larger cousin, the Arapiles Pocket Companion is the perfect addition for a climbing trip to Mt Arapiles. This easy to carry guide contains all the multi-pitch routes as well as many of the popular shorter routes from the larger guidebook. It has over 750 routes and 50 topos. In colour, softcover with plastic sleever, 96 pages. 

    Contents page view PDF below.

    Published: 2013 1st edition
    Authors: Simon Mentz and Glenn Tempest 

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    A Bibliography of New Zealand Mountain Climbing

    Published: 1st edition 2006 (2008 reprint), NZAC
    Author: Graham Langton


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    A Bibliography of New Zealand Mountain Climbing

    Published: 1st edition 2006 (2008 reprint), NZAC
    Author: Graham Langton

    Armchair Mountaineering (PDF, 2MB)

    The New Zealand Alpine Club is working to provide a large range of free PDF downloads.

    While this download is free, we ask that a donation be considered. This would go towards helping us to fund the work required, ensuring this information base continues to grow.

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    The Mountain ranges of Arthur's Pass National Park are the most accessible in New Zealand, being located aside the main road/rail corridor traversing the Southern Alps between Christchurch and the West Coast. Terrain within the park varies considerably from low scree hills to heavily glaciated peaks and steep face routes.

    Published: 7th edition 2012 
    Author: Graeme Kates

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    This comprehensive guide covers the ranges between the Haast Pass and Mount Cook. The valleys covered include the Hopkins and Huxley, the Landsborough, and other West Coast valleys north of Haast Pass. 

    Published: 2nd edition 2002
    Author: Ross Cullen

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    Pack It Out - Leave No Trace = Keep New Zealand clean and green

    Additional bags for use in Poo Pots. All natural, biodegradable compostable cornstarch bags 56cm x 43cm. Sold as a pack of 6.

    Please see the following DOC PDF on instructions for use:
    Poo Pot Instructions (PDF 547kb)

    Note: also available from the DOC Visitor Centres, Manners St, Wellington and Mount Cook National Park

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    In 1975, Wanda Alice Margaret Hall (1912 - 2005), the widow of the late David Oswald William Hall (1909 -1971), set aside $2000 in trust to ‘provide financial assistance for the publication of alpine literature’.The first recipient of this fund was Hugh Wilson, towards the publication of Field Guide; Wild Plants of Mount Cook National Park in 1978.

    Since then, the DOW Hall Fund has helped support the publication of many other books. The fund is replenished with donations from those who wish to encourage others with a passion for our mountain environment to record their knowledge and experiences in print.

    Current projects - grants awarded

    The fund is currently supporting the following books yet to be published.
    Titles yet to be finalised.

    • A biography on Ed Cotter, by Lyn McKinnon
    • 'Lydia Bradey - A First on Everest', by Jura Fearnley
    • 'New Zealand's Mountain History', by David Harrowfield
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    Dr Ebenezer Teichelmann was born in South Australia to German and Scottish parents. He emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 38 with his wife Mary, arriving in Hokitika 11 February 1897. Ebenezer was a pioneer NZ mountaineer, explorer, surgeon, photographer and conservationist. He recorded 26 first ascents of mountains and seven first ascents, or crossings, of passes, cols, or saddles. He held the position of President of the NZAC in 1936 and was elected to Life Membership, a year before he passed away in 1938.

    Published: 1st edition 2004 (reprinted with corrections)
    Author: Bob McKerrow

    SOLD OUT - $30 + p&p COPIES CAN BE OBTAINED DIRECT FROM THE AUTHOR: bob [dot] mckerrow [at] gmail [dot] com (Bob McKerrow) 

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    Fitz Roy Range. Photo: Kester Brown

    Sir Edmund Hillary stated, at the end of his Presidency of the NZAC in 1967: "To retain its vitality the Club must actively encourage the spirit of adventure amongst its members - persuade them according to their capabilities to seek out new routes, new peaks, new places to explore; support them wholeheartedly in overseas expeditions; devote time and effort to improving their skills and their techniques."

    For those going on an overseas trip with defined and significant mountaineering objectives, the Club may be able to make a grant from the Club's Expedition Fund to help meet expenses.

    The Expedition Fund is financed directly from donations. If you would like to donate to this worthwhile cause, any contributions would be greatly appreciated.