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WN Section - Snowcraft Course (Advanced)


Advanced course:

Course now full – waitlist available, please enquire at [email protected]

16th and 24th - 26th Aug

Theory and practical evenings at Bivouac Store, Mercer Street, Wellington. Practical weekends at Whakapapa Ski-field, Mt Ruapehu
$280 ($300 if you need to hire gear)

  • Includes accommodation, food and instruction
  • Does not include snack food or transport to and from the lodge

Note : To be eligible for these courses you must be available to attend the start of the course on the Thursday night and be able to depart Wellington in time to arrive at Whakapapa by 8:30pm on the Friday night. This usually means leaving Wellington by 3pm.

Course content is subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Advanced Snowcraft Course Outline
The purpose of the Advanced Snowcraft course is to provide extended coaching alpine skills for travelling in moderate to steep angle alpine terrain where pitching is required to progress. It is designed for individuals who have reasonable experience in alpine terrain and are looking develop further techniques in mountaineering in order to access more routes. It develops on the core lessons taught in the Beginner and Intermediate Snowcraft Course and introduces concepts of movement and travel over a wider range of snow and mixed terrain.

The course covers furthering understanding of:

  • Personal : Fitness, clothing, food and equipment
  • Environment : Weather, terrain, snowpack and avalanche
  • Travel : navigation, on snow travel with crampons, ice axe, ropes, harness and anchors
  • Shelters : type and use
  • Emergencies and what to do

On completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of risk management through awareness of alpine hazards including surface conditions, avalanche danger, terrain factors and weather
  • Tie appropriate knots for alpine use
  • Set up a belay according to current accepted practice
  • Set up snow anchors
  • Demonstrate ability to travel safely and manage risk in an alpine environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of weather in an alpine environment
  • Establish an emergency shelter in the alpine setting and begin to understanding the requirements of emergency management
  • Show competency in avalanche rescue equipment

Choose the Beginner Course if you have a season or less experience in an alpine environment. Focus is on essentials, personal preparation and safe movement on snow.

If you have completed the Beginner course and have 2 seasons or more in alpine terrain, sign up for the Intermediate course which introduces ropes, harnesses and anchors required for protection when travelling in steeper terrain.

If you have completed the Intermediate course and have had 3 seasons or more in an alpine environment and you’re comfortable with using ropes and building snow anchors, the Advanced course provides an introduction to pitching as well as more work on snow anchors.

Send your questions to [email protected] or register here:

Photo source: NZAC Wellington Section

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Theory and practical evenings at Bivouac Store, Mercer Street, Wellington. Practical weekends at Whakapapa Ski-field, Mt Ruapehu


24 August 2018 - 26 August 2018




NZAC Members only - Own Gear = $280, Hire Gear = $300

If you have registered on this website or are an NZAC member please login first before applying to join this course.

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