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Women's Backcountry Ski Skills Course


Women’s Back Country Ski Skills Course – South Island

Who is this course for?

The NZAC Women’s Backcountry Ski Skills Course (WBSSC) is a three-day course designed for strong intermediate (or better) female skiers or split boarders with excellent aerobic fitness, who are looking for a good grounding in backcountry touring. The goal being to learn the skills to go and experience the winter backcountry by themselves! There is a “journey element” to the final day of the course. Day 1 will be spent touring in the backcountry near Mt Cheeseman ski area and practising skills. On Day 2, we will continue to develop your touring skills, whilst seeking out the best snow for the day and refining techniques. On day 3, we will tour from Mt Cheeseman to Mt Olympus or Broken River. There are numerous choices on which way to go and it’s a great chance to tie together all the skills you have learnt.

On the WBSSC, participants will learn the following:

  • Equipment- what to carry and why. How to look after your gear.
  • Trip planning and preparation – including use of the NZ Avalanche Advisory, weather forecasts and checklists.
  • Skins- getting them on and off quick smart without holding too many people up.
  • Skinning- good technique – how to lay a good, safe track that others will enjoy.
  • Mountain travel – terrain analysis and choosing a safe route.
  • Reading the snow- finding the goods and tests for analysing snow stability.
  • Navigation- map and compass, altimeter, basic GPS. Navigating in a white out.
  • Weather – general and specific to the Canterbury high country
  • Avalanches – Signs of instability and how to avoid avalanches.
  • Companion rescue: Avalanche Transceivers, probing and shovelling.

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Mt. Cheeseman, Craigieburn Range


3 August 2019 - 5 August 2019




NZAC Members $1095

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