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CNI Section - Meeting


Just a friendly reminder for Alpine Club members or followers thinking of joining, there is a meeting on Wednesday 11th May (THIS WEDNESDAY!) at the Little George, 15 Hood St Hamilton starting at 19:45.

I will be attending the NZAC CMM at the end of the this month, so if you have any issues you want put forward or have any questions for the CMM, please come along or email ASAP.
For the committee members could you please make the effort, and bring along information requested from email last week (you know the one).

Marcus D will have Banff tickets for sale if you want to pick up a few for yourself or friends and family.

Also with the snowcraft courses just around the corner (if it ever starts snowing!) if you are interested, but have some questions please come along and have a chat, as most instructors will be there having a beer ready to tell all.

Event Info


Good George, 32A Somerset Street, Frankton, Hamilton


11 May 2016




Usually free

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