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CW Section - Mt Whitcombe/Evans/Malcolm Peak - a Rakaia Odyssey


Greek mythology tells of the Odyssey, Homer's legendary tale of a group of adventurers who faced some of the most unimaginable challenges on their epic journey to mythical lands few had heard of, let alone dared to venture into. 

Similiar to Homer's legendary tale, our 6 day odyssey will also venture into remote, unchartered and often mysterious territory as we will jouney to the source of the Rakaia with the primary objective being to climb the mountain giants of Whitcome, Evans and Malcolm Peak, three of the classic summits of the Canterbury Alps.

The journey will also involve discovering some of the realm's most mythical locations as we will camp under the Amazon's Breasts, encounter the frozen ice plateau of Heim, cross the saddle of the Full Moon while under the watchful eye of The Red Lion - this promises to be a unique and unforgettable trip. 

The plan will be to 4WD up the Rakaia to Reischek Hut then spend the next 5-6 nights bivying high along the Main Divide. 

A full range of mountaineering skills will be required for all those looking to enlist in this epic journey - a must for those wanting a high alpine adventure.

All welcome.

If you're keen or need more information, please contact Matt Buckley - email

Photo: Nina Dickerhof

Event Info


Mt Whitcombe/Evans/Malcolm Peak, Rakaia


7 January 2017 - 13 January 2017





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