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CW Section - Social Night and Book Launch


Only Two For Everest

Speaker: Author, Lyn McKinnon

Talk by Lyn McKinnon, author of Only Two For Everest- How a first ascent by Riddiford and Cotter shaped climbing history. She will outline why New Zealand’s Himalayan achievements in the 1950s all depended on the critical timing of the First New Zealand Himalayan Expedition.

Members may be interested to know, if they don’t already, that the initiative for the Earle Riddiford 1951 expedition came from within the ranks of this very same Canterbury-Westland branch. In 1947 Riddiford and Norman Hardie were committee members who with Bill Beaven and Jim McFarlane made some massive climbs in the Southern Alps, and began to dream of even more massive ones overseas.

Joining us on the 13th will be father and son Ed and Guy Cotter, both made NZAC life members in 2013. Ed was a pivotal member of the Riddiford expedition – it was he who with Riddiford and Pasang Dawa Lama climbed Mukut Parbat in the Garhwal Himalaya – the ascent that allowed New Zealanders to join British expeditions to Everest.

Ed Cotter is the last man standing of the 1951 foursome, so we invite you to come along and celebrate the publication of his story with some bubbles (non-alcoholic) and a very special banana cake. Limited copies of the book will be made available at a special NZAC price of $40 (NOTE: CASH ONLY) and in acknowledgement of generous NZAC funding for the Geographx maps in the book, the author will be diverting her author royalties back into our DOW Hall Literary Fund.

If you are unable to attend the evening, purchases may be made at the standard member/retail rates via the NZAC online store.

Event Info


Cashmere Club, 50 Colombo St, Christchurch


13 October 2016




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