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CW Section - Garden of Eden & Garden of Allah


Straddling the Main Divide the Garden of Eden and Garden of Allah ice plateaus contain the country's second largest ice mass. With a total length of over 20kms these two remote ice plateaus are surrounded by a number of jagged summits which stand like a fortress a mile above the valley floor.

Stories are often told of the area, yet due to its isolation and the foreboding nature of its geographical features such as Satan Saddle, Beelzebub Glacier and Devil's Backbone; it is little surprise that few dare to navigate their way through its impressive ramparts to explore this biblical land. 

Our objective, however, will be to gather a group of brave adventurers to spend 6-7 days exploring this beautiful part of the Southern Alps while climbing some of its notable peaks.

The plan will involve travelling by 4WD via Erewhon up the Clyde River where our journey will begin. A full range of mountaineering skills will be required. 

All welcome.

Note: this trip will involve approximately a week in the mountains; however, the weekends of either the 21/22 or the 28/29 of January will be used depending on the favourability of the weather. 

If you're keen or need more information, please contact Matt Buckley - email

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Southern Alps


21 January 2017 - 29 January 2017





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