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CW Section - Erewhon to Mt Cook - a transalpine expedition


This trans-alpine expedition from Erewhon to Mt Cook must rate as one of the most spectacular alpine journeys in the country.

From our departure point at Erewhon the mountaineering expedition will have the objective of gravitating towards the alpine zone as we will head towards the Main Divide then SW towards Mt Cook.

The journey will call upon the full gambit of mountaineering skills as we will be navigating mountain passes, traversing glaciers, climbing notable peaks whilst enduring some long days in order to get to our destination.

This trip is a must for those wanting to challenge themselves in an expedition style outing in the Southern Alps. Transalpine route TBA.

All welcome.

Note: this trip will involve approximately a week in the mountains; however, the weekends of either the 4/5 or the 11/12 of February will be used depending on the favourability of the weather.

If you're keen or need more information, please contact Matt Buckley - email

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Southern Alps


4 February 2017 - 12 February 2017





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