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WN Section - Mt Somer's Rock Climbing Meet


Rock ClimbING Meet - Mt Somers

Trip leader: Jenny Cossey  [email protected] 021 072 1000

This is a trad rock climbing meet, not an instruction course, and participants are to provide their own rock climbing gear, safety equipment and camping equipment.

Participant Requirements:

• Must be a current NZAC member as of trip departure date.

• Must be comfortable leading trad climbing outdoors.

• Must be able to clean an anchor and set up a rappel safely.

• If you have any major medical conditions that the trip organisers need to be aware of, please let us know.

We need your details:

Be aware that we are traveling as a group, so appropriate communication with each other is needed. Email Jenny and request the personal info sheet so we know your flight arrival time and let the organiser know once you have done this. This info will be shared with all members on the trip so everyone has everyone’s email and phone numbers.

For more details, download the information sheet here:

Photo: Erin Strewart

Event Info


Mt Somers


15 November 2019 - 18 November 2019





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