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Manganui Ski Area

(Stratford Mountain Club)

We are Taranaki’s Snowboard & Ski Area, with small beginner/intermediate, and larger off-piste adventure-type intermediate/advanced terrain; located on NZ’s most accessable alpine area.  Manganui Ski Area consists of gentle intermediate runs and open bowls. Manganui is family friendly, with outstanding steep runs for skiers and snowboarders.

Manganui has a T-Bar, a learner’s rope tow, access tow, and a fixed grip rope tow or ‘Nutcracker’ (The Top Tow).

5% Beginner
35% Intermediate
65% Advanced


  • Our terrain goes from a sublime beginner-intermediate t-bar, with 140m vertical, to our nut-cracker rope tow which is about 300m of fall line skiing (think Treble Cone front side steepness).
  • Ski season is usually mid-June to early-October.
  • Lower mountain is an alpine tussock meadow (mowed), so only needs 20-30cm of cover and we are into it, which is why we open early!
  • Our snowpack can come and go during the season – hence we can’t guarantee consistent operation throughout the season; more like the local surf conditions; ‘when it’s on’ you have to get here before it goes!

What makes us different?

  • We are the opposite of commercial (eg not that convenient, but a well earned day of exercise and skiing).
  • You have to walk in with your gear (25-30min; goods lift halfway), good alpine footwear essential; good warm up for the walk in = less chance of injury!
  • Modest tuck shop – our pies are a treat!
  • NO ski hire on-mountain! NO lessons!
  • We have the only fully sealed access road to a club field car park. Safe road – a slide off the road is just gonna ding your car into the fauna on the side of the road!
  • Road to car park is well gritted and well maintained.
  • We advise you carry chains, you will require chains on 2WD on occasion.
  • 4WD car with road tyres is plenty here most of the time. 
  • We are never crowded, so a good place to learn snowboarding, getting used to riding a tbar etc.
  • Good warm up for Ruapehu and other ski areas (our lower mountain is a bit of a yoyo area, being small, so can’t offer big expansive skiing like Turoa or Whakapapa; however our upper mountain is pretty expansive in it’s own right; especially when access is open to both sides of the top-tow!).




Lift Hours: 9:30am - 4:00pm


Manganui Ski Lodge ph (06) 765 8905

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