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The Cordillera Carabaya Expedition 1967

We have received a letter from David Hodgdon formerly a member of the Rocketdyne Mountaineering Club located in California. The RMC and Sierra Clubs hosted NZAC members on their way through the USA en route to Peru for the Cordillera Carabaya Expedition 1967.

He has come across a box of colour slides of New Zealand that were left behind by one of the team members and will be sending them back to New Zealand for entry into the Club’s Hocken Archive Collection. Can anyone identify the remaining NZAC members in the colour feature image above. We have written to Alex Parton, but if anyone else knows where one of the other surviving team members may be, please let us know are they might be able to provide us with more information about the slides in question?

Updates received Sept 2017 from Jane Dudley, daughter of Expedition member Bryan Dudley, Bob McKerrow and Graham Langton. They were able to confirm the remaining missing names as follows.

Colour image left to right is eight of the nine Expedition members. Missing is John Dowd who joined the Expedition later on: Alex Parton; Bill Goodfellow; Rod McKenzie; Dave Cooper; Dave Massam; Bryan Dudley; Graeme Jackson and Allwen Chin.

Cordillera Carabaya Exp Peru 1967 Image: David Hodgdon

The Expedition Report was featured in the 1968 NZ Alpine Journal (pages 291-304) with team members: W Goodfellow, B C Dudley; D G Massam; RG McKenzie; DE Cooper (Leader); Dr G G Jackson; A O Parton; J Dowd and A N H Chinn (Deputy Leader). You can read the article here: Cordillera Carabaya Exp 1967 NZAJ 1968

The black and white image features Gordon Palmer (RMC), Alex Parton; Dave Massam; Bryan Dudley; David Hodgdon (RMC) on the far right.

Contact Margaret if you can assist.

Posted: 12/09/17

Posted By: Margaret McMahon