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Membership & Benefits

Membership to the New Zealand Alpine Club is renewable annually, a year from the date of joining. NZAC Membership includes publications, access to insurance, hut discounts, discounts on gear and clothing, travel and accomodation discounts.

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How the club is run

Club sections are run in eleven locations around the country, plus there are an Australian and an Overseas Section (the latter has no committee).

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Club Rules and Objectives

The Club rules determine who can make decisions regarding the Club and its future, and how those decisions are taken.

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Since 1891 NZAC has been the hub of NZ climbing, and as such has amassed a rich and varied history, much of which is well documented. Whilst the Hocken Archives, under the NZAC Collection, remains the primary place for the NZAC paper and image records, we are making increasing amounts of material available online, for example, notable events, significant members, a downloadable NZ Alpine Journal Index and more. In addition, you will find many back-issues of both the NZ Alpine Journal and The Climber magazine for sale in our online shop.

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Volunteer of the Year Award

This was first awarded in 2008 to acknowledge the hard work done by our much appreciated, behind the scenes volunteers. The Club was lucky enough to gain permission from (Veteran 50yr Member) Edgar Glass (1930-2008) and his family, to use his ice-axe for this special, annual award.

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