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The Accommodation Subcommittee oversees the management of the Club’s Accommodation assets and ensures that their integrity and value to the Club are enhanced by adequate short and long-term plans for maintenance and repair; and plans for the construction of new buildings.



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The Accommodation Committee strategic goal:
To be a leading provider of alpine accommodation in New Zealand. To actively manage and improve the club’s network of base
accommodation and mountain huts to provide a sustainable resource and service for club members.

The current members (2017-2018) of the Accommodation Committee are:

Richard Wesley (Chair)

I am a Christchurch based Business Systems Analyst. My partner Elodie and I have four children.

I joined in 1992 in my first year of University so that I could make use of discounted hut fees, and have never been able to break free since. Madly passionate about huts!

I enjoy various types of climbing: armchair daydreaming, extensive reminiscing, watching Banff films, and of course extensively critiquing others. Currently, my favourite places to climb include Barrington playground, and our own backyard which comes complete with climbing frame and very large tree. One day hope to return to old haunts, with the trips around the Darrens and Hooker Valley now at the top of the tick list.

I’ve climbed and tramped all over New Zealand and so have a myriad of trips and stories from stays at every one of the Clubs 17 huts and lodges around the country. They are all great places from which to enjoy the great New Zealand mountains, as well as great places to meet other like-minded people from all walks of life. I am always amazed at just how few people make full use of the great resource that NZAC has in its extensive accommodation network.

I’ve worked and travelled around the world, most recently for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) as a logistics coordinator, I have a love of old vintage aircraft so enjoy visiting dusty little museums tucked away around the countryside, and I’m also a board member for Leave No Trace New Zealand, an outdoor ethics organisation just getting started here in New Zealand.

Chas Tanner

I am not going to tell you how old I am, but I will tell you that I am retired and highly recommend it. Katrina and I live in Dunedin.

I joined NZAC 1975, am a past-President and life member. I visited NZ in 1973 to climb for a couple of years, never went ‘back home’ to the UK. I enjoy Ski touring, a bit of alpine solo stuff in the early years, enjoy revisiting the vertical world of rock on occasions and the fantastic tramping to be had.

Mt Aspiring National Park is the most precious of all our parks. It has all and anything to explore from valley to mountain tops.

I have been involved with developing French Ridge, Colin Todd and Aspiring huts. Dead keen to see Unwin refurbishment work and eventually to become THE alpine lodge in NZ. Outside of climbing I enjoy the bike and swimming at Moana Pool… and everything else that a good life has to offer!!

Al Walker

My wife Shelagh Ferguson (also NZAC) and I live in Balclutha. My son Cameron is a veteran of a number of Winter Meets.

I joined NZAC in 2005 (actually first joined in 1991, but lapsed after 1 year because I was so disillusioned with the NZ climbing scene). Rejoined to see if I could find reliable partners to go Winter climbing.

I’m basically only a Winter climber these days, I do sometimes go rock climbing to appease Shelagh, or to check out someplace for Winter. And I rarely venture outside The Darrans, although friends have been trying to convince me of the merits of areas like the Ahuriri and the Remarkables. The Southern Highlands of Scotland comes a close second to The Darrans as a favourite place to climb……….

Homer Hut is my specific area of interest within the Accommodation Committee.

Outside of climbing, other interests include sailing around the East Coast of the South Island in our Nova 28 (and all the work that goes with maintaining a boat!!)

John Cocks

I am a civil engineer based in Dunedin. My wife Nicki and I have a daughter, Claire.

I first joined NZAC in 1970, mainly to be with the people who’d introduced me to climbing.

I enjoy most forms of climbing particularly visiting the more remote or less frequented places.

My specific interest in the work of the Accommodation Committee is the various agreements the Club has with Doc for operating Club huts. I also have a professional expertise in human waste management, which has taken me all over the world.

Outside of climbing, I enjoy tramping, travel and woodwork.

Ian Rogers

I live in Timaru and am supposedly retired, but I don’t see any evidence of that. Still with my first wife, two adult children.

I joined NZAC in 1995 at the urging of my long time friend Gordon Hasell. I have been climbing off-and-on since high school and enjoy traditional mixed climbing. More of a mountain plodder and not a rock climber. I enjoy climbing anywhere as long as it’s relatively easy and I don’t have to carry too much. Too old for epics.

On the Accommodation Committee, I am most interested in Unwin and especially Godley Hut. The Godley Valley has been a love since high school.

Outside of climbing, family and golf keep me busy. I am currently the Course Convener of Pleasant Point Golf Club.

Philip Tree

I joined NZAC in 1986 as one of the original members of the (then) new Central North Island section. I had various roles within the CNI section committee from 1990 until 2000, when I moved to Christchurch. A serious cycling accident in August 2003 brought my active participation in climbing to an end, but I have continued to take part in the life of the NZAC, including organizing the team that ran the 2007 National Camp at Mesapotamia, Chair of the Canterbury-Westland section from 2007 to 2010 and a member of the Executive sub-committee for the same period.

The Canterbury-Westland section has put a significant amount of funds and effort into upgrading Arthurs Pass lodge and I am keen to see this continue. Refurbishing the kitchen is next on the list. Porter Lodge in Fox township has been a bit forgotten in recent years, and I am keen to promote it.

I live in Governors Bay with my partner Margie O’Reilly (also a member of NZAC) and work at Tait Ltd as a software engineer.

Richard Knott

I am English born and a trained cabinet maker-joiner who arrived in New Zealand in 1996. With my wife Jo and two daughters, we reside in the sunny capital of New Zealand, Whakatane, somewhat removed from the cold extremes of snow, ice and the mountains.

I run my own joinery cabinet making company ‘Makepiece’ reportedly renowned for its one-off pieces.

One of my joys is fixing up old huts, a Busman’s holiday to me. Or perhaps, I am just a sucker for hard work.

Otherwise, my main passion is rock climbing. Of course, trad only, as that’s what I cut my teeth on till I came to NZ and was introduced to the Bolt.

Mountaineering goes with the terrain, followed by ski touring. A more recent interest is kite surfing. My many other interests are more subdued.

Joined the New Zealand Alpine Club in 1999, and became a CNI section member around 2003. Later a CNI section rep, then moved towards the Accommodation Committee in 2007.

My project highlights have been the repainting and ventilation of Ruapehu Hut, also the recladding of Whangaehu Hut. That has to have been one of the biggest volunteering challenges I had ever taken on!

Another great personal privilege was the contract to make the new Unwin personalised bunk beds. May you all sleep well and dream of the next peak!

The alpine club has given me many adventures. I’ve met many unique characters along the way and long may it continue. Enjoy it all!

Other Committee members are:

Michael Richardson

Brent McNeil

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