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The Club AGM and Annual Report

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The NZAC Annual General Meeting AGM is usually held either late October or early November each year. The meeting follows the production of the Club’s Annual Report for the prior financial year, which runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Venue, date and time of the 2019 AGM

Annual Reports:

NZAC_Annual_Report_2009-2010  | NZAC_Annual_Report_2010-2011 | NZAC_Annual_Report_2011-2012 | NZAC_Annual_Report_2012-2013NZAC_Annual_Report_2013-2014NZAC_Annual_Report_2014-2015 | NZAC_Annual_Report_2015-2016 | NZAC Annual Report 2016-2017NZAC Annual Report 2017-2018 | NZAC Annual Report 2018-2019 |

AGM Minutes:

NZAC AGM minutes 2010 | NZAC AGM minutes 2011NZAC AGM minutes 2012NZAC AGM minutes 2013NZAC AGM minutes 2014NZAC AGM minutes 2015NZAC AGM Minutes 2016 | NZAC AGM Minutes 2017 | NZAC AGM Minutes 2018 (draft)

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