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The strategic goal of this committee is to offer quality, good value instruction so as to improve the skills of Club members, attract new Club members, improve the pool of amateur trained climbing instructors, and enhance the safety and enjoyment of New Zealand climbers.

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All NZAC Instruction is guided by the NZAC SafetyManagement Systems. This document is updated on a regular basis. The club has a duty of care to all instruction course participants and is committed to complying with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Ensuring that beginner alpine and rock courses are available to Club members equally in all sections throughout New Zealand.
  • Provide training for section instructors.
  • Run specialist courses (eg ice climbing, bolting) where demand can be shown.
  • Develop instruction courses for youth climbing.
  • Ensure that all Club courses (national and section) are run safely and benchmarked to industry standards.
  • Agreement on an appropriate Club budget (supported by targeted grant and participant fees) to subsidise the courses at a reasonable level to encourage member participation.


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