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1. Name

The name of the Club shall be the New Zealand Alpine Club (Incorporated).

2. Objects

a. The objects of the Club are to encourage mountaineering, rock climbing and allied activities and the enjoyment and conservation of mountain and rock climbing regions; and to bring together those interested in climbing.
b. The Club aims to provide services for climbers, protect the interests and safety of climbers, and promote climbing activities.


3. Classes and Entitlement

The Club shall consist of life, honorary and subscribing Members, all of whom are entitled to attend and vote at general meetings and take part in all Club activities.

4. Applications for Membership

a. The Club shall have a standard form to be completed for membership application.
b. The completed form and the accompanying payment for the annual subscription shall be forwarded to the National Office for processing at which point the applicant shall be deemed a Member of the Club.

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