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The Executive Subcommittee shall oversee the work of Club’s General Manager; ensure that the National Office as a whole, acts within these rules and the directives, policies, strategies, plans and budgets adopted by the Club Committee, and ensure the Club’s compliance with all legal requirements relating to employment and workplace safety. 

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The Executive Committee consists of the Executive Committee Chair, President, President-Elect, Honorary SecretaryHonorary Treasurer and other Club Members appointed by the Club Committee on the recommendation of the Executive Committee Chair. The General Manager attends as an ex-officio.

The powers and functions of the Executive Committee are restricted and are specified in the NZAC schedule of Authority. It frequently refers matters back to the Club Committee for discussion and approval.

The current members (2017-2018) of the Executive Committee are:

Geoff Gabites (Chairperson)
Penny Brothers (President)
John Palmer (President-Elect)
Gillian Crombie (Hon. Treasurer)
Yvonne Pfluger (Canty/Westland Section)
Don Bogie (Canty/Westland Section)
John Cocks (Otago Section)
Ken Calder (Otago Section)

ex-officio: Karen Tait (General Manager)

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