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The Expedition Convenor overseas the running of the Expedition Committee.

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  • The Expedition Convenor receives applications for Expedition Grant Funds directly from applications usually submitted online.
  • They, in turn, submit them to the Expedition Committee for consideration. First checking with the National Office that the applicant is an active NZAC member and if they have had grant approvals in the past, they have completed the required reporting back to the Club for The Climber and/or NZ Alpine Journal articles.
  • The Expedition Committee then reviews the new application on its merits and submits selections twice a year for approval.
  • The Expedition Convenor liaises with National Office to arrange the grant payment to be made to the recipient and to ensure the relevant website pages can be updated with the new information. Copies of applications should be supplied to National Office for electronic filing.
  • The Expedition Convenor liaises with recipients and the National Office relevant staff after the Expedition has been completed to make sure all the requirements have been met. A copy of the Expedition Report should be supplied to the National Administration Officer for electronic filing.
  • Approximately 3 months after the Expedition ends the Convenor and Committee should be able to sign-off the grant as complete, keeping a record for possible future applications by the same applicant(s).

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