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The key function of the Honorary Treasurer position is to maintain the finances of the Club:

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  • Maintain the Asset Register by keeping a record of all assets currently owned by the Club, applying annual depreciation to all assets, adding new assets to the register that have been obtained through capital purchases, writing-off assets that have been disposed of.
  • Assist the Executive Officer with the preparation and submission to the Annual General Meeting of the Club an audited statement of accounts. The statement of accounts should include an income and expenditure statement, a balance sheet, and an asset register.
  • Assist the Executive Officer to prepare an annual budget for each coming financial year (July 1 to 30 June). This will need to be undertaken in conjunction with other Convenors.
  • Advise and act upon any strategic level financial matters arising within the Club.
  • Maintain a financial watch, and give advice on any activities involving substantial sums of money.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient checks and balances to best protect the Club’s interests.
  • Keep all correspondence, documents and other material related to this position filed neatly together. Hand these on and brief the next person holding this position.
  • The Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Executive, Accommodation and Publications Conveners shall be elected for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting and may be re-elected annually, for a maximum period of five years.

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