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The NZAC President is the principal leader of the club and has overall responsibility for the club’s strategic direction:

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  • The Club shall have a President who shall serve for a two-year term commencing immediately after the Annual General Meeting and ending at the close of the Annual General Meeting two years later.
  • Should the office of President fall vacant the Club Committee shall appoint the President-Elect President for a term expiring at the close of the third Annual General Meeting after the appointment. If there is no President-Elect the Club Committee shall appoint as President one of the Vice Presidents for a term expiring at the close of the third Annual General Meeting or such shorter term as it may determine.
  • The President shall be a member ex officio of all Section Committees of the Club.
  • The President shall ensure that the Club fulfils the Objects in Club Rule 2 and acts within these Rules and the directives, policies, strategies, plans and budgets adopted by the Club Committee.
  • For the year following the termination of a President’s term of office, he/she will become the Immediate Past President.


The President should:

  • Chair Club Committee meetings.
  • Manage the Annual General Meeting.
  • Call meetings of the sub-committee convenors and ensure that strategic planning for future club activities is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members.
  • Represent NZAC at local, regional, and national levels.


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