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The NZAC Publications convenor is the principal leader of the club’s publications activity which includes the Climber magazine, New Zealand Alpine Journal, and NZAC guidebooks. The Publications convenor has overall responsibility for the club’s strategic direction within these areas of club activity.

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The Publications Convenor is a member of CCM which meets twice a year.

The Publications Convenor is elected by the AGM and is therefore responsible to the wider Club membership.

  • Keeping an overview of all NZAC publications – Climber, Alpine Journal, and Guidebooks. Proactively seeking and liaising with guidebook authors where necessary.
  • Convening Publications subcommittee meetings at least once a year, prior to the May CCM.
  • Attend Club Committee meetings (usually held in May and October).
  • Attend the Convenors meetings (held twice a year, usually 2 months before each CCM).
  • Preparation of reports/summaries for CCM and Convenors meetings
  • Writing a Publications summary for the Annual report
  • Providing strategic direction to the Managing Editor/designer where appropriate.
  • Provide input to monthly Executive Committee meetings where possible.
  • The Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Executive, Accommodation and Publications Conveners shall be elected for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting and may be re-elected annually, for a maximum period of five years.


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