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60th Anniversary of the Ascent of Mt Kangchenjunga

Harrow_Geoff_Hardie_Norm_Beaven_Bill by Bob McKerrow-001

Geoff Harrow, Norman Hardie and Bill Beaven: (Image by Bob McKerrow)


Cotter_Ed_Hardie_Norman by Sam Newton.large (280px)

Ed Cotter with Norman Hardie (Image Sam Newton)

On Wednesday 6 May 2015 at the Cashmere Club, Christchurch, Norman Hardie spoke on the first ascent of the world’s 3rd highest peak, Mt Kangchenjunga.

The first ascent of Mt Kangchenjunga was made by two parties of two. The first pair were, George Band and Joe Brown (25 May) and the second pair Norman Hardie and Tony Streather (26 May 1955).

The full team also included John Clegg (team doctor), Charles Evans (team leader), John Angelo Jackson, Neil Mather, and Tom Mackinnon.

Norman also presented a colour slideshow, which was professionally filmed and is viewable online First Ascent of Mt Kangchenjunga Norman Hardie QSO.

Many of New Zealand’s well know mountaineering personalities attended, with about 110 people in all. NZ Herald related article.


A collection for the Himalayan Trust was also taken for the people of Nepal whose lives have been so badly affected during the recent major earthquake. A total of $1745 was raised for this worthy cause.

Spearpoint_Geoff_Thompson_Limbo_Ellis_David by Bob McKerrow.large (280px)

Geoff Spearpoint, Limbo Thompson and David Ellis (Image by Bob McKerrow)

Judkins_Robin_Bamford_Dave by Bob McKerrow.large (280px)

Robin Judkins and Dave Bamford (Image by Bob McKerrow)

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