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75th Jubilee of the NZAC 1966

Menu_75th_Jubilee_1966_webThe 75th Jubilee of the New Zealand Alpine Club was held at the Hermitage, Mt Cook on May 28th, 1966.The opening of the new additions to Unwin Hut were held at this time also.

“Then President, Sir Edmund Hillary, welcomed all the members and made special mention of the past-presidents who were attending. He made fitting reference to guides Mick Bowie, Vic Williams and Harry Ayres, who were the guests of the Club, and to Franck Alack, Kurt Suter and Jack Cox, also present, whose work as guides was held in the highest esteem. Without dwelling unduly on the past he commented on the effect it had had on moulding the club, which now enjoyed really great strengths and virtues because of its New Zealand-wide character. He spoke of the present experience and enthusiasm within the Club, and stated he had no doubt that in the final quarter of the Club’s first hundred years these would give leadership and inspiration to all who gain pleasure and satisfaction out of the mountains. He mentioned the pleasure with which messages of goodwill had been received from famous mountaineers overseas. He called on Colin Gray to read letters from Dr Charles Evans and Dr Noel Odell and to arrange for taped messages from Sir John Hunt, HEL Porter and Eric Shipton to be played.” excerpt from an article on the Jubilee by A R Craigie in the NZAC Alpine Journal 1966 pages 216-223

More information on this event can be found in the NZAC Collection at the Hocken Archives

Programme (PDF 208kb)


Congratulatory Messages

Sir John Hunt (PDF 147kb)

Eric Shipton (then President of the Alpine Club UK) (PDF 202kb)

H E L Porter (PDF 378kb)


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