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The 50th Issue Climber – Creative Writing Competition

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A Creative Writing Competition was held to celebrate the 50th issue of ‘The Climber’ magazine in the summer of 2004/2005. The competition was supported by Earth Sea Sky and Hedgehog House and the entrants contributions are listed below:

All the following are in printable PDF format. If you are unable to view this format please visit the site to obtain a free download of the software.


Other entries received were:

The Best Boulder Problem in the World (20kb) by Adam Carlson
How Far Did He Fall (11kb) by A J Coleman
Last Night in a Snowcave (19kb) by Al Pining
Time Piercer (19kb) by Andrew Jacob
Climbing Inward (9kb) by Brandy Wehinger
The Adapatable Rope (21kb) by Brian Wilkins
Claire Davey (19kb) by Claire Davey
Billy and the Beard (9kb) by Daniel Joll
Capital Punishment (23kb) by Fiona Dalzell
Mt Ramelau (24kb) by Francesca Eldridge
White Desserts (39kb) by Hannah McGregor
Old Friends (16kb) by James Broadbent
NZ 3001 (10kb) by Mark Sedon
Climbing with Friends (18kb) by Nic Learmonth
Dangerous Games Fifteen Years After (22kb) by Rick McGregor
Weather Balloon (52kb) by Roslyn Dobson
Left Behind and Taken Away (19kb) by Scott Kennedy
Beyond Crone Ridge (20kb) by Sophia Cameron-Christie
The Buzz (36kb) by Sophie Rainford
Stephen Bunton (5kb) by Stephen Bunton
The Voice (22kb) by Vic Fitzpatrick

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