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Images to Identify

We are often given photos to identify or have archived images we need to find information on before submitting them to our Hocken Archive Collection. On this page are links to enquiry pages and various images we have been, or are currently seeking information on. Any additional information is most welcome and can be emailed to Margaret -names, places, etc

Birch Nook Hut

Taken in December 1930, we believe this is an image of Birch Nook Hut. Can anyone confirm the hut and its location, or name the people in the image?

Birch Nook Hut 02011930

Unknown Hut – 1920s

Image from the Denis Carty Collection – circa the 1920s.

Unknown Hut 1920s 1

Almer Hut c. 1936

Image from the Denis Carty Collection.

Thanks to Craig Miller for identifying Almer Hut for this image and pointing us in the direction of Denis’ article ‘Traverse of Elie de Beaumont from the West‘ NZAJ 1937 pages 414 PDF (15mb)

Unknown Hut 3

Douglas Rock Hut – 1920s

Image from the Denis Carty Collection now identified thanks – circa 1920s.

Unknown Hut 1920s 2

Ball Hut Mt Cook 1924

This image is from an album belonging to ‘Chrissie’ given to her from Katha and Pete, Xmas 1924.somewhere around Mt Cook 1924

Information gratefully received from Paul Reid to identify this hut as follows:

It is a photo of the first Ball Hut that was built in 1891. At some point, the fire was added and a ‘lean-to’ added on behind the chimney (but not enclosing the chimney in a roof space). Both of these features are visible on the left in the photo.

The ‘lean-to’ acted like an enclosed covered porch area, as prior to its addition there was an external door at the left-hand end of the hut. The ‘lean-to’ had an external door, which increased the overall ‘footprint’ of the hut. I don’t know whether the original external door remained in-situ, thereby becoming an internal door after the ‘lean-to’ was added.

Something the photo does not show is the two wooden barrels at each end of the hut, which were used for collecting rainwater off the hut roof. You can see the guttering & the left ‘down-pipe’ in the photo on the NZAC page but you can’t see either barrel.

Something else not shown in the photo is the other (& smaller) building that sat at right-angles to the original hut (thus creating an ‘L’ shape). The smaller building is to the right of the building shown in the photo and it did not have any heating.


Another few images for identification below:

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