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Ebenezer Teichelmann

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Ebenezer Teichelmann (1859 – 21 December 1938)

Dr Ebenezer Teichelmann was born in South Australia to German and Scottish parents. He emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 38 with his wife Mary, arriving in Hokitika 11 February 1897. Ebenezer was a pioneer NZ mountaineer, explorer, surgeon, photographer and conservationist. He recorded 26 first ascents of mountains and seven first ascents, or crossings, of passes, cols, or saddles. He held the position of President of the NZAC in 1936 and was elected to Life Membership, a year before he passed away in 1938.

The best source for reference material on Dr Teichelmann can be found in Bob McKerrow’s 2005 Biography titled “Ebenezer Teichelmann” ISBN
81-87943-87-4 and published by Tara-India research press. Limited copies are still available from Ruia McKerrow  – 021 606 521

A reference copy is also available in the NZAC main library, situated in the Club’s National Office in Christchurch.

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