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Edmund (Ed) Cotter

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Edmund McCarthny Cotter (15 January 1927 – 19 October 2017)

Ed was a much loved and respected member of the New Zealand climbing community. He was one of New Zealand’s most active climbers and a contributor to New Zealand’s growing mountaineering reputation during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

Ed began his climbing career in the late 1940’s and quickly earned a reputation for technical skill, agility and fitness.

In 1951 he was invited by Earle Riddiford to join an NZAC supported expedition to the Garwhal area of the Indian Himalaya. As preparation Ed joined Earle Riddiford, Bill Beaven, Ed Hillary and George Lowe to climb Mt Ellie de Beaumont by the unclimbed Maximilian Ridge.  This was has hailed as a great mountaineering achievement of the era and it was to be 30 years before the climb had its second ascent.

Ed with Earle Riddiford and Sherpa Pasang made the first ascent of Mukut Parbat, 7240 m. This was the highest peak then climbed by New Zealanders and remains a significant ascent. The expedition succeeded on five other peaks over 6000m.

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