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John Entwisle

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John D Entwistle ( – )

John was born in Yorkshire and completed many difficult climbs both on the crags of his native England and in the European Alps, before immigrating to New Zealand in 1972. He trained and qualified as an IFMGA Mountain Guide, and developed a very successful business providing instruction courses, one-on-one tuition and guided ascents of mountains in New Zealand and Europe for many years.

John has completed, by his own modest account, ” a handful of new routes in the mountains, some of which are so obscure that I can’t always remember where they are, and a smattering of rock routes around the South Island.”

Perhaps his greatest contribution has been in the realm of instruction, serving as an assessor and committee member in both the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association (NZMGA) and the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA).

A humble and humorous man that gives generously of his time and expertise, he has been an instructor and mentor to literally hundreds of New Zealand climbers.

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