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New Zealand Alpine Journal

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NZAJ History

The New Zealand Alpine Club’s first Alpine Journal – volume 1, number 1, was published in March of 1892. There was a gap after the volume 2, number 9 edition of May 1896 until it returned to print with the volume 3, number 10 March 1921 edition. The Journal has been published nearly continuously since then, even through WWII with many members being away in service overseas. Postwar saw a steady rise in the Club’s membership and therefore publication numbers. In 1972 the Journal increased in size and colour images began to be included. Also, from 1972 up until 2002 both hard and soft cover versions were printed. Today’s Journals are produced in soft cover only. The Journal has gone from strength to strength to become a mainstay of the New Zealand Alpine Club and much-admired publication.

Information on submitting articles, or subscribing to, the Journal.

The NZ Alpine Journal has been digitalised following a joint project involving the Linguistics Department of the University of Innsbruck (Tirol, Austria) and the New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC). The goal of this project was to digitise the New Zealand Alpine Journal (1892-2014) and to make it freely available via the internet. You will find the link to the NZAJ Digital Archive on the Club Archives webpage.

In 2014 a survey was taken on the future of The Climber quarterly magazine and annual NZAC Alpine Journal. The survey questioned whether there was a need for two printed publications and asked members for their thoughts about combing them into one, how often it would be sent out and what content they would expect to see. The results of the survey confirmed the members’ wish that two publications be retained.

NZAC Sales

Thanks to the generous donation of Journals from Club members and spares held in stock, the Club has been able to complete several sets for our Library and Hocken Archive collections. We are now in a position to offer the surplus Journals for sale, initially, this was to members only. However, sales of the remaining stock are now open for the public to purchase. Money raised will go towards vital work that needs to be done on the Home of Mountaineering’s Reference Library Collection.

Understandably, as all of the early Journals are secondhand with some wear and tear and many of the later ones have also been in storage, books are sold on an “as is” basis.

NOTE: Available past Journals have been added to the online shop.

Reprint Volumes covering the years 1892 -1940 were published in sets of eight in 1978. This was a limited edition printing of 500 numbered sets. It appears that not all were sold as full sets, however, which has left us with spares of some individual copies. These can be useful for those wishing to complete a set and unable to obtain originals for these early years.

(no volumes I, III, IV or V remaining)
Volume II    (1895-1896) $10 each
Volume VI   (1935-1936) $10 each
Volume VII  (1937-1938) $10 each
Volume VIII (1939-1940) $10 each

There have been three Indexes printed and an online index is available as a free download via the NZAC shop that covers 1892-2018.
1892-1974 (numbers 1-27)
1892-1976 (numbers 1-29)
1892-1987 (numbers 1-40)

How to Submit an Article for the NZAJ

All inquiries regarding content and advertising (for purchases, see below) should be directed to:
Email: Tom Hoyle the Editor Phone: +64 (0)3 377 7595 extension 4


Full members of NZAC receive a copy of the New Zealand Alpine Journal as part of their subscription. To receive only the Journal, you can subscribe for NZ$25 per annum. For subscriptions posted outside New Zealand, there is an additional NZ$25 overseas post and packaging charge.

Follow this link to subscribe: NZAC Alpine Journal subscription

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