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With the establishment of the new Home of Mountaineering, finally came the sorely needed space for the NZAC’s reference library collection of mountaineering literature. We now also have the room to display some of the wonderful climbing items donated by past and present members. Whether wanting to do some research on mountaineering history or just check out the latest information for an upcoming climb, it is hoped members will be able to find what they need from this valuable Club resource. Books are currently shelved by category.

As part of the ongoing work, various small projects are currently underway that may be of interest, as follows.

In the attached image the ice-axe at right has gone ‘missing’. We believe sometime around 2016. It is the Club’s most historical item and was our founder A P Harper’s. Of note is its distinctive extra length and that it has an engraved shield on the shaft with AH’s initials stamped into the axe head. Any information, please contact Margaret. We would just be extremely grateful for its return ‘no questions asked’.

To keep our collection in the best condition possible, on the limited resources of a non-profit organisation, is understandably quite a challenge. With the move to new premises, it has come to light that several of our more valuable books are in need of urgent, expert repair. To help raise the money for this, NZAC Alpine Journals and Library books that are surplus to our requirements are currently being offered for sale. If you are missing a Journal, or book from your collection, please check out these webpages where you will find details of the selection available.

NZ Alpine Journal Sales

Link to surplus donated books for sale

The NZ Alpine Journal has been digitalised following a joint project involving the Linguistics Department of the University of Innsbruck (Tirol, Austria) and the New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC). The goal of this project was to digitise the New Zealand Alpine Journal (1892-2014) and to make it freely available via the internet. You will find the link to the NZAJ Digital Archive on the Club Archives webpage.

Thorough checking, through our sets of publications, has highlighted that we have the odd gap that we would dearly like to fill. Listed below are various collections, showing the numbers of the issues we are lacking. If you happen to have any of these books lying around that you have been meaning to get around to doing something with, now would be a great opportunity to give them a new home. In addition, over the years many books have gone missing from the various section libraries before they came to the NZAC National Office, so if you do come across any books that may have library stamps please don’t hesitate to send them in “no questions asked” as we would just be happy to have them returned. If you would like to check first with Margaret at the office, she can let you know if any of the books listed are still needed (just in case this page hasn’t yet been updated). Please feel free to drop her an email and she will be happy to let you know. Ask Margaret.


New Zealand Alpine Club Publications

NZAC Alpine Journals

The New Zealand Alpine Club’s first Alpine Journal – volume 1, number 1, was published in March of 1892. There was a gap after the volume 2, number 9 edition of May 1896 until it returned to print with the volume 3, number 10 March 1921 edition. The Journal has since gone from strength to strength to become an annual mainstay of the New Zealand Alpine Club and much-admired publication.

The Archives and Library sets are complete. Link to read about the history of the NZAJ.

NZAC Bulletins

The NZAC Bulletin was first published on 15 October 1946 and ran until 1992 at which time it was superseded by ‘The Climber’ magazine.

We have recently acquired original copies of the first 7 Bulletins printed on Foolscap paper. These have been scanned and copies are now available to view in the Library. Click here to view the: First NZAC Bulletin(PDF, 2.1MB)

Our Hocken set is now complete, except that Issue 2 was missing pages 3 and 4, so we would be keen to find a further copy of this issue. If any other originals of the first 7 Bulletins do come to light, we would be grateful to acquire them as they may be in better condition than the ones we have.

For our library set we would like to obtain a copy of 1952 IXX as this is the only one still missing.

We also have many spares that members might be interested in, to complete their sets. These are available to members for just the price of the return postage. Please email Margaret if you are interested in any.

“The Climber” magazine

Spare back issues are available for sale (not all numbers are still available). Of those that are, the last three issues printed are, member price $5, non-member $9.95, older issues are $3 and $4 -plus p&p. Check with Margaret as above.

The Archives and Library sets are complete.

NZAC Annual Reports

Both our Hocken Archive Collection and National Library are missing the following copies:
Archive: pre 1963, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 78, 93
Library: pre 75, 78, 87, 89, 92, 93,

Please note, you may find missing early copies inside old NZAC Bulletins.


During WWII (1941-1945) the Otago Section produced a news sheet directed at the Club’s fighting members overseas called “Yodellings”. A full set of these are stored in the NZAC’s Hocken Collection – reference MS-1164-4/5/3


Other New Zealand Publications

Canterbury Mountaineering Club Journals

A big thank you to Ambrose Banfield’s son, Dave for completing our library set of CMC Journals, with those from his father’s collection.

Unwin Lodge’s Library is missing: 4, 28, 41, 46, 51 and from 63 (2004/05) onwards (These can always be dropped off directly to Unwin Lodge’s Warden)

We have spare copies of numbers 8, 9, 10, 14-24, 27, 29, 31-34, 39, 43, 45, 48, 49, 57 and 58 (plus Index 16-18 and Index 19-21) for any NZAC, or CMC member that wishes to have them for just the cost of return postage.

CMC Bulletins

We are missing most pre-1983 with a few exceptions.

After that date, we still need: 1985 Vol 6, No 1; 1986 Vol 6, No 10; 1987 Vol 7, No 2; 1989 Vol 8, No 1; 1991 Vol 9, Nos 2 & 3; 1992 Vol 9 Nos 8 & 10; 1993 Vol 10, No 2; 1994 Vol 10, No 6; 1997 Vol 12, No 5; 1998 Vol 12, No 6 & 10; 2000 Vol 13 Nos 5-7; 2005 Vol 17 Nos 1, 3 & 4.

There are various spare copies (between 1986-2005) available for any NZAC, or CMC member that wishes to have them just for the cost of return postage.

Federated Mountain Club Bulletins

Our set is now complete thanks to a donation from Arnold Heine of FMC.

There are various spares for anyone that would like them. As above, just the return postage is asked for.

Tararua Tramping Club Journals

We now have a complete set. 1947 (No 1) – present day


Overseas Publications

The American Alpine Journal

Missing: Pre 1939 issue 11 apart from Vol 1 No 4 1932; 1966 (40); 2004 (78); 2006 (80)

The Alpine Journal UK

1960 Vol65  #301 November
1966 Vol 71 #313

The UK Alpine Journal has been digitalised for online searches.

We would be happy to accept donations of any of The Alpine Club’s, Alpine Journal as our collection has some rough copies it would be nice to replace. Perhaps we may even be able to do a trade from our spares as listed here: Spare Alpine Journals

List of Journals we would like to replace:
1951 Vol58 No283
1952 Vol58 No285
1955 Vol59 No290
1960 Vol65 No300
1961 Vol66 No302
1962 Vol67 No304
1962 Vol67 No305
1963 Vol68 No306
1963 Vol68 No307
1964 Vol69 No308
1964 Vol69 No309
1965 Vol70 No310
1965 Vol71 No311
1966 Vol71 No312
1966 Vol71 No313
1969 Vol74 No318

The Fell and Rock Journal

Numbers: 68 or earlier (except for No 45), 70, 72-76, 78

The Himalayan Journal

1972/73 (32); 1974/75 (33); 1975/76 (34); 1976/77 (35); 1980/81 (38); 1981/82 (39); 1982/83(40); 1983/84 (41); 1999 (55); 2006 (62), 2007 (63)

The Himalayan Newsletter

1995 (46); 2005 (58)

We also have Journals from the following clubs:

Berg: Alpenvereinsjahrbuch (German & Austrian Alpine Club Journal)
Canadian Alpine Journal
The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa
Sangaku – the Journal of the Japanese Alpine Club
Scottish Mountain Club Journal

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