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Veteran 50-year Members

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Members who have been with the Club for over 50 years of continuous membership are of course highly valued for their contribution in supporting NZAC in all its endeavours. In light of this, the May 2005 Club Committee Meeting in Christchurch waived the membership fee requirement for 50-year members. A special 50-year certificate is issued when a member reaches this fantastic milestone.

List of 1891 Foundation Members who achieved 50yr Veteran Status (date of death, where known)

Algie, Sir R M (1979)
Benzoni, Cedric C (1992)
Bowmar, Sir E C
Christie, J H (1986)
Collins, Charles E (1988)
Crozier, Rev James T (1987)
De Beer, Miss D H (1982)
Denton, N W
Dickie, Alexander D (1989)
Divers, Lloyd W (2000)
Edgar-Jones, Miss M
Hall, Henry S (1987)
Harper, Arthur P (1955)
Henderson, M
Hilglendorf, Sir G S
Hodgkins, W J P
Johnson, P H (1956)
McGeorge, Dr M
Mannering, George E (1948)
Marshall, Dr P
Mirams, J E K
Moir, G M (1979)
Nanson, Gerald L (1990)
Newton, E W
O’Brien, Ivan A (c1990)
Ombler, A S
Pinney, Robert (c1990)
Porter, H E L (1977)
Robins, T T
Rose, Jim H (1990)
Scott, A J
Shanks, J S (1987)
Simons, F F
Smith, H L
Smith, R J
Tapper, G C
Teague, B H N
Wilson, R D
Whitehead, Dr V I E (1990)

Past and Present 50yr Veteran members of the NZAC

(Date Joined – Died and Section where known) – note: earliest records are not complete

Abbreviations: AK-Auckland, AU-Australia, CW-Canterbury/Westland, CN-Central North Island, NM-Nelson/Marlborough, NO-North Otago, OT-Otago, SC-South Canterbury, SO-Southland, TA-Taranaki, UN-Unattached, WN-Wellington

“?” means they are no longer found in the membership database, or their date of death is unknown.

50yr Vets by joined date as at 8 Aug 2018

50yr Vets by surname as at 8 Aug 2018


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