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NZAC Affiliations and Associated Organisations

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Union Internationale Des Associations D’Alpinisme (UIAA)

The UIAA was formed in 1932 to represent the interests of climbers. The NZAC was a founding member. Membership of the UIAA is still growing. At present clubs from over 60 countries are members of the organisation.

The UIAA is governed by its Articles of Association. These have recently been reviewed and were re-adopted in 1996. The purposes and tasks of the UIAA are defined in the Articles of Association and are:

The UIAA encourages, develops and supports the practice of all forms of mountaineering and climbing in the international field. It seeks solutions to all fundamental problems of international importance and is committed to providing leadership to the world mountaineering community on all matters of common concern.

The UIAA seeks durable relations with its associated member associations and their leading personalities in the spirit of friendly and close cooperation. It fosters this aim by encouraging meetings and activities, by stimulating understanding between mountaineers of all nations and by promoting knowledge concerning mountaineering. It urges its member associations to extend to the members of other associations the benefits granted to their own members according to the principle of reciprocity.

The UIAA seeks to safeguard and secure access and reasonable use of all mountain areas and promotes awareness of, and respect for, the environment among all users of mountain terrain. It encourages and promotes safety in all aspects of climbing, mountaineering, and hillwalking.

The UIAA supports and governs on an international level those competitions and mountaineering sports which are recognized by the decision of its General Assembly. It represents those sports within other international organisations, including the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The major work of the UIAA is carried out by its Commissions: Safety, Mountain Protection, Expeditions, Youth, Mountaineering, Medical, Climbing Competitions, Documentation and Information

The NZAC usually sends a representative to the annual General Assembly of the UIAA and, occasionally, to the meetings organised by the various Commissions. Information from the various UIAA Commissions, and from the quarterly UIAA Bulletin, is published regularly in The Climber. Further information on UIAA activities can be obtained from the Convenors of the equivalent NZAC Subcommittees or from the National Office.

UIAA website

Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand (FMC)

To view the latest FMC newsletters please follow this link: FMC Newsletters

The NZAC initiated the establishment of the Federated Mountain Clubs in 1931 and has retained its membership to the Federation ever since. The FMC is a national federation of tramping, climbing, skiing, mountain biking and deer stalking clubs in New Zealand. The number of skiing and deer stalking clubs has declined steadily since the 1960s. The FMC now consists of around 100 fully affiliated clubs and 25 associate clubs most of whom are school and youth adventure trusts. The combined membership of affiliated and associated clubs currently stands at around 12,000. In 1995 an Individual Supporters membership, set at $30, was introduced and individual members numbered around 250.

The NZAC is by far the largest individual club affiliated to the FMC but tramping clubs make up about 90% of the total number of affiliated clubs. They dominate the FMC Executive and strongly influence the policies and submissions made by the Federation especially on issues such as conservation, access, preservation and Maori claims and Treaty issues. The NZAC prepares submissions in its own right through its Recreation Advocacy Subcommittee. These are often, but not always, supportive of positions taken by the FMC and occasionally the NZAC may wish to distance itself from positions, actions or approaches taken by the FMC where they differ from our own aims and philosophies.

The FMC has played a major role in gaining protection for and the sound management of our National Parks, Forest Parks, Reserves, and Wilderness areas. The FMC helped create the New Zealand Search and Rescue system, was instrumental in the creation of the Mountain Safety Council, introduced the Wilderness concept to New Zealand and was the initiator of the New Zealand Walkways system.

NZAC Members are entitled to an FMC membership card which entitles the holder to significant discounts on a range of services including travel, accommodation, publications, training and overseas trekking. The FMC also publishes quarterly, the FMC Bulletin. The FMC Bulletin contains many articles discussing a wide range of topical environmental matters and conservation issues. The FMC Bulletin is free to members of all its affiliated Clubs and therefore is posted free to NZAC Members.

FMC website

Sport New Zealand

The NZAC is recognized by Sport NZ as the national recreation organisation representing climbing in New Zealand.

The funds allotted to the NZAC are distributed by the Club to support its National and Section Instruction, with a specific emphasis on training for our volunteer club instructors. Sport NZ has  moved to a 3 yearly funding cycle, giving greater assurance to organisations like NZAC.

Sport NZ website

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