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People are the heart of the NZAC

We are always in need of help to achieve our club goal of fostering and supporting climbing in NZ.

No matter if you are a mountain veteran able to give your time to lead a trip or instruct those new to climbing, or you are able to lend a hand at a local event, we can use your help. The grassroots of the club are our local club sections, get in touch with your local chairperson to find out more.

Volunteer Instructors

The NZAC supports volunteers instructors to share their knowledge with members keen to get into climbing, and to develop their own skills as instructors.

Volunteer Trip Leaders

Experienced leaders taking other members out into the hills is a tradition as old as the club itself. Especially for those who have recently completed club instruction courses, these trips are fundamental to gaining an understanding of how to climb safely and successfully.

Event Managers & Assistants

The wide array of events run by the club wouldn’t be possible without the small army of committed volunteers who help make them happen. Your time and passion mean a great deal to the club.

Committee Members

From the section committees making it happen at a local level to the guidance provided by the club Accommodation, Publications, Climbing & Instruction and Executive Committees and the representative Club Committee – we rely on the knowledge and vision of many talented individuals to achieve our goals of fostering and supporting climbing in NZ.

Section Contacts

Section Contact Email
Auckland Michael Pavitt [email protected]
Australia Mike Pryjma [email protected]
Canterbury Westland Jim Petersen [email protected]
Central North Island Ray Long [email protected]
Central Otago Wendy Johnston [email protected]
Nelson Marlborough Brandon Kay [email protected]
North Otago Clare Kearney [email protected]
Otago Ryan Thomas [email protected]
South Canterbury Gary Brehaut [email protected]
Southland Peter O’Neill [email protected]
Taranaki Phill Davies [email protected]
Wellington Simon Williamson [email protected]

If you are able to help out at a local level, please contact your section above. For those able to give guidance at the national level, please email the NZAC general manager.

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