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Treasures of the Snow…

Story and Photo By Nicky Sinclair (Learner trekker)

It was the 2nd October 2015 when some very experienced Oamaru climbers and some very inexperienced Oamaru non-climbers embarked on a trek of a lifetime.  Nick and Dara Shearer, Kevin and Clare Kearney, Andrew Wilson and Nicky Sinclair spent 21 days in Nepal with the focus of the trip to make their way to the South and North base camps of Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world (5,200m).

The trek to Kanchenjunga is long and unforgettable.  Unlike Everest, this path is a well-kept secret and consequently is very unspoilt.  The trek takes you through the subtropical lowlands up to the Yulung Glacier.  Part of the incredible experience is the range of topography, the culture, the fauna and flora but most of all it is the people who touch your heart.  Whilst very isolated and remote,the resilience of the village people and their ability to function in extreme adverse conditions was remarkable.  Access to medical help is extremely limited and, in some cases, is not available at all.  However, schooling is a priority in Nepal.  Children would walk or skip many kilometres to school with their books balanced on their heads.  We were overwhelmed with the happiness and friendliness of the people in this area.

Our arrival at base camp was emotional.  For some of us it had seemed an unachievable goal.  The temperature of -15 degrees and the knowledge of another night in a tent was not enough to dampen our spirits.  We too, had “knocked the bastard off”.

P.S. Our trip would not have been possible or as successful without the amazing organisation of Dream Himalaya Adventures ( to whom we will be forever grateful.

Posted: 26/02/16

Posted By: Narina Sutherland