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Trip Report: Avalanche Peak to Mt Bealey Traverse

Photo by Charlie Catt: Avalanche Peak to Mt Bealey Traverse.

Saturday 12 Sept 2015.

It must have been a case of ‘third time lucky’ for the people on this traverse who were also participants on the Snow 1 course in July, when the second day of the course was postponed due to bad weather, as was the back-up day in August. In contrast, there were no complaints about either the weather or the snow conditions experienced on this traverse.

We put our crampons on and got our ice axes out at the bushline on the Avalanche Peak track and only took them off again just before entering the bush again as we descended from Mt Bealey.

The day afforded plenty of opportunities to put into practice some of the skills presented on the Snow 1 course, with lots of sidling and some quite steep, but short, down climbs in places, all done in a range of conditions, including some soft wind-blown snow and rain crust at times. Almost everyone had a map and compass, and after some discussion it looked like we all got the hang of what to do, even though these skills were not required, given the excellent visibility.

Fortunately, self-arresting and extricating someone from an avalanche were two skills that did not have to be employed.

The Snow 1 people on this trip are to be commended for the skills and confidence they displayed over the nine hours, especially given that they had only had one day of their instruction course, and that was some time ago in July.

Participants: Michelle Lindsay, Miles Watson, Carolyn Grise ,Will Reeve, Penny Webster, Julie Wagner, Charlie Catt

Posted: 30/09/15

Posted By: Narina Sutherland