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Trip Report – Elephants Rock

By: Riley Smith

Source: The Otago Climber (Otago Section Newsletter) – April 2018

Elephant Rocks inland from Oamaru is a neat place to climb but the rock turns to slime if it’s wet, so when we planned the Section Trip there last weekend, we wanted to get the weather spot on! But as per usual, there was a terrible forecast for the Saturday we intended to go, so we decided to take advantage of Otago Anniversary (the following Monday) and shift dates.

Of course when Saturday came around (you guessed it) it was a stunner of a day and on Monday morning when we met at 9am at the usual spot it was light drizzle! But, ever hopeful, nine of us ignored the weather and headed out to the rocks. The day turned out to be hot and humid, which was better than rain!

It’s great to experience different rock types – specially to help understand the different techniques involved. For that reason, Elephant Rocks is a great place for Dunedin climbers to go and broaden their skills and minds for the day, I fully recommend it!

Throughout the day, several climbs from grade V0 to V4 were climbed, and many of us were converted from bouldering sceptics to fanatics! All in all, a great day was had by all.

Posted: 14/05/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland