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Trip Report – Grand Traverse – The Remarkables

By: Matt Humphries

Source: Southland Section Newsletter

It was a fine and sunny day (yes there was one this year) that saw us leave the ski field car park. Packs laden with 2 ropes and a rack of gear between the 3 of us. We were expecting something of true epic proportions.

Still trying to get rid of this year’s Christmas pudding I knew the first 30 mins up the shadow basin road was going to be a lung buster. But we soon settled in and before we knew it we were at the helipad putting on our harnesses. The view up to the North Cone of Double Cone looked truly impressive from here, but easy ledges and good rock had us on the top in a lot easier fashion then we expected. From here we found a couple of nice ledges to take us to the col between the two peaks. From here we took different approaches to the second cone. Dave took a substantially harder route on the left while Kent and I found an easy climb on the right with very good rock to the summit. Sometimes older and wiser is better than younger and stronger.

We had a great view from the top of the second cone and after a bit of R & R we headed down the easy ridge to the top of the grand couloir and followed the easy slabs to the summit of single cone, the highest point in the Remarkables. This was my fourth visit to single cone but my first in summer so it made for a pleasant picnic lunch on the summit watching the tourists below at Lake Alta. From the summit we decided to descend the NE ridge which required a careful bit of down climbing on the first step before easy angled slabs and scree saw us down at Wye saddle and hence onto Lake Alta and back to the car.

We took all that gear and didn’t use any of it. At it’s hardest it is really just a fun scramble but those who would like a rope there was plenty of places for protection and slings to be found on route.

Thanks to Dave and Kent for putting up with my grunting and keeping me company. This is a worthy trip for anyone with moderate ability.

Times 4-8hrs.

Trip Members: Kent Andrews, David Reese, Matthew Humphries

Posted: 16/03/17

Posted By: Narina Sutherland