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Trip Report – Homer Climbing Meet

By: Jimmy Finlayson

Source: Southland Section Newsletter (March 17)


Out in Space

Sometime time in December a group of Southland climbers descended Homer. On Saturday morning a team of 7 started heading up towards Homer Saddle hopeful that the gloomy weather would turn into a fine day. Once we gained the saddle we turned off towards Moirs Mate, here many of the group got their first taste of Fiordland exposer crossing the bouldery knife blade sections of the ridge.

Once we got to the shoulder of Moir’s Mate we roped up to climb the North Ridge. It became a controlled but discombobulated arrangement of people & ropes spread out across the first few pitches. To make matters more or less amusing depending on your disposition; it became quite cold & began to sleet. After much affair, the whole group more or less all at the same time climbed the first two pitches up the side of the ridge in a cold sleeting breeze.

At this point several members were part frozen so we split into two teams one racing for the warmth of the hut to prepare the feed and the others scrambling up snowy ledges to a viewless summit. Both groups returned to the hut early evening, rather wet. But everyone was treated to an assortment of good food, so the wet & cold was soon forgotten.

Sunday proved to be a great day but we were all to spent to climb peaks. So we headed to the Chasm (with the exception of Sara who went off to walk the Hollyford). The team all did well to haul themselves up the normal line to the chill out ledge (grades 17& 20). From there we setup a big swing off “Bust’a Goand” and sent everyone flying off into space to get the full Chasm experience.

In all a great weekend out in Fiordland.

Trip Members: Peter Young, Libby Yeoman, Kate Hoogoveen, Claire Cannon, Tim Bright, Sara George & Myself (Jimmy Finlayson).

Posted: 16/03/17

Posted By: Narina Sutherland