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Trip Report – Mitre / Tappy

Firstly apologies for the wrongly advertised date, I know this put a few of you off thinking it was a 2 day trip.


With a good weather report and well covered mountains we headed up the Hodder loaded with the usual gear plus the club avalanche safety equipment. Rob and I had the  additional burden of technical gear for a planned tilt at a winter ascent of the south east ridge of Mitre.


By: Jerome Waldron

Source: Nelson Marlborough Section Newsletter (September 2018)

The walk up the Hodder was straight forward, water levels were low and not too cold, interesting the snow level was well below the huts.

A 6 am start (clear but gusty south westerly winds). Rob and I parted company with Alan’s Tappy group at the staircase stream junction.

We almost immediately blundered into deep snow; progress up the stream was slow it was impossible to find any lines of good travel . After an hour we came to the conclusion Mitre was not going to be on this time. We turned round and headed in pursuit of the others hoping conditions would be better at least we will have steps to follow (yeh right! sadly for us the wind had filled them in, bugger!)

We did eventually catch Alan’s group and teamed up to push through soft snow to the summit (south west ridge). Conditions to the ridge firmer but cold and windy and quite uncomfortable, eventually we achieved the summit at 1.30 pm.

An enjoyable evening in the hut and a pleasant walk out down valley on Sunday to beer and coffee at my place at 2pm.

Well done Josh, Katherine, Rob ,many thanks also to Alan Wilson for assisting me with this trip.

Posted: 04/10/18

Posted By: Narina Sutherland